Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Week That Was - August 14

I stumbled upon a blog last night while blog-surfing the interweb, and I don't exaggerate when I say that it was a good 15 minutes read!
I usually try to keep my average blog post to a 5 minute read, so as not to completely bore the reader; but 15 minutes?!
Sounds a bit excessive, to me at least.
So I left the following comment :
"Awesome post. Some day I intend reading it."

This was the response I got:
"Hahaha. Thank you kind Sir. I love your blog too."

See. The potential for short and sweet is within us all.

On Wednesday of this week I was pulled over by a traffic cop for speaking on my mobile while driving.
Guilty as charged. It's about the only traffic offence I commit on a regular basis.
Ever since Sabreen was born, that insane need for speed I once found so thrilling has slowed down to a more respectable legal-driving speed.
So there we were on the corner of Catherine and Grayston, discussing the spot-fine.
I usually pay the recommended R50 admission-of-guilt spot-fine which bypasses Government coffers and goes straight toward the subsidising of a greasy chicken and pap lunch.
On this day, the copper in his rather fatty composure, pointed his equally fatty finger at the Coke and Bar-One chocolate on the seat next to me.
I guess he was too lazy to take the spot-fine and drive his lazy ass to the chicken outlet.
How lazy do you have to be that you would take another man's lunch instead of the standard issue bribe?
What is this country coming to? Shocking I tell you, truly shocking!

Right then.
It's Saturday morning and i'm off to meet a client.
Even though I promised myself never to work on weekends.
Some day I shall heed my own advice.