Monday, August 16, 2010

Where Have The Morals Gone?

Ok this is going to be a quick rant because dinner will be served in 10 minutes.
So it's kind of a quickie. Don't say my blog doesn't offer something for everybody!

Anyways, without further ado..

For those of you who don't know, I own a project management and contracting company.
Sometimes I would have a team of contractors working on one site all at the same time; sometimes they would be my own teams, and sometimes they would be sub-contracted by me.

This was the case last week when we were working on this huge home in Bryanston.
The new owners had me do extensive renovation work to the place whilst the tenant stayed on until we were done, or the 15th of August (whichever came first).
During the course of the project I soon realised that the tenant, as sweet as she was, had a bit of a drug problem.
This hardly ever affects my work as i'm accustomed to working with all manner of societies outcasts. They're more often than not tenants in my clients buildings and properties, as was the case here.

My metalworking team left site on Friday, expecting to return on Sunday to collect their tools.
My painting team arrived on Saturday to do finishing touches.
Somewhere between Friday and Saturday, the tenant sold my metalworking teams tools to my painting team, at a rock-bottom once-in-a-lifetime never-to-be-repeated price of course!

I work with so many teams at any point in time, that they hardly ever know the others tools.

Needless to say, the tenant has already moved out being that the 15th August arrived, and is now nowhere to be found!

Where, pray do tell, have the morals gone?

To compound the problem, the painting team are willing to sell the tools back to the metalworking team at a 50% profit, seeing that they bought it at a bargain to begin with!

Again, where have the morals gone?

I'd broker the deal between them, but as these teams are sub-contracted by me and don't actually work for me, i'm guessing it would be more fun to stand by and watch this one play itself out.

Where have the morals gone?
Aah, just as I thought...