Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Chronicles Of Sabreen

This is my little girl, Princess Sabreen.
That's not just an endearing title; it's the name in her ID and Passport!

She and I were scrolling through the blog the other night when she rightly pointed out that there were no pictures of her on it.
So observant and she's only 4.

This then is the first of my posts dedicated to Princess Sabreen.

A kid in her class at school was absent for a week, and it turned out the kids little brother of 2 had passed away due to illness. Princess Sabreen's teacher Mandy was telling me about the passing on of Kyle and we happened to be chatting in the presence of PS.
PS looked at me after a few minutes and asked if late Kyle's parents would have another baby.
I responded that it may happen but I doubt it would be anytime soon.
PS then looked at me and teacher Mandy and asked, "How do they make another baby?"

Hhmm... Good question.
Oh look! A pink elephant!