Thursday, August 12, 2010

Road Trip

I want to do an adventurous road-trip again.
There was a time when I would do a road-trip at least once a year.
Cape St Francis; the Grahamstown Arts Festival was a religious road-trip we did every year for almost 5 years until we saw literally every show on the circuit at least twice; Cape Town (though this didn't qualify so much as a road-trip as it did a right-of-passage into manhood); and then the road-trip to end all road-trips which we did two years ago.

Road-Trip 2008.
My truly dear friend Sabeen from Dubai arrived heavily pregnant and with her beautiful daughter Fiza in tow; the missus and I with two-year old Sabreen, and the sister-in-law with her hubby and their two-year old.Of course along the way we picked up random people and dropped them off in even more random places.
That was the trip I realised that adults with kids cant do road-trips like they did back in their teens.

The teen road-trips never included pee-breaks every hour on the hour; a Big Mac and Coke were suitable balanced meals which could last an entire trip ; Run DMC and LL Cool J were the perfect road-trip music choices; and most importantly we never needed to know where we were going to stay when we arrived, mostly because we never really knew where we were going to arrive at when we left!

Nope. I couldn't imagine a trip like that now, not with the missus and Sabreen riding shotgun.
We'd need to pack morning outfits, dinner outfits, beach attire, make-up, shoes, toys, and every household item short of a microwave before we even knew where we were heading!

We're doing a cruise in November of this year, and the missus is going to the Maldives in December on her annual girly holiday, so i'm thinking a guys road-trip before the year is over could do the trick