Saturday, August 14, 2010

The Things I Miss Most

I miss the awesome childhood I had.
Filled with fun and laughter, always laughter... and tears. Happy tears and sad tears, and sometimes even tears for no good reason at all. But through it all, there was always laughter. A truly blessed upbringing that moulded me and forever changed me into the person I am today. One who takes on adversity with a sense of humour, and the absolute belief that I shall achieve at any cost.
A lesson I have passed on to my 4 year old, Sabreen, who cherishes with all her tiny heart the constant laughter we fill our home with.

I miss the closeness of family.
The home my late-gran (God bless her soul) had me believe was the centre of the universe; the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow and the spring where love flowed eternal. I grew up with her, and she became the Queen of this universe I had come to admire, love and cherish. It wasn't a princely home, but it was one filled with riches of a different kind. The treasure of family. An average Saturday night would see no less than 20 people pass through it's doors, each taking with them fond memories of good food and awesome company on their way out.
I remember sleeping in my bed and on the sofa and on the floor and even in a tent outside on warm summer nights; even if only to have a family member or total stranger enjoy the comfort of my favourite spot.

I miss my gran.
I miss the life-lessons she'd give me, without having it seem like a life lesson at the time.
Saying things like "What happens in the dark must come out in the light", or when I would come to her to complain or explain why I no longer loved one of my numerous girlfriends at the time, and she would say "There's 3 sides to every story. Your side, her side, and the truth."
I miss her for her gentleness and warmth; for her ability to forgive. I miss her for her amazing strength during times of adversity, and growing up I realised how often these adversities came knocking. But through it all there was always the immense comfort of knowing that she would make it go away. She was the ultimate dragon-slayer for an 11 year old kid who just lost all his pet fish when his tank over-heated.
She was my super-hero.
When all was said and done and all the visiting cousins had their fill of amazing weekends at her home, it was she and I who stood at the door waving them off to their complete families.

I miss my friend Shaff.
Our story can be read here!/note.php?note_id=57059205604 , because re-writing may be more than my heart could handle.

I miss lazy Sunday afternoons fishing by the lake.
This was my average Sunday. I'd wake up early and take my little tackle-box and rod and head for the lake, and I would be the first to cast my line in and the last to reel my line out.
Aah those were the days.
Now it's all golf, golf and more golf. Not that i'm complaining, too much ;)

I miss true friends.
True friends.
The kind who would get out of a warm bed at 2am on a weeknight to drive 10km and help you jump-start your car while under flu medication.
The kind who would dance with you until 5am on the clubs speaker-box just so you wouldn't look silly on your own, and then brag about how we won all-access VIP's for the next year!
The kind who truly meant it when they said you were like a brother to them.
The kind of friend who you wanted to call immediately when something of importance just happened to you, and sometimes even when it was not important at all.
The kind of friend you called immediately when you came across a store with a ridiculously good deal, or the most awesome pizza. (okay this could be an Indian thing)

I miss MacGyver & Magnum P.I
TV shows are not the same anymore.
The A-Team and Knight Rider may have been redone, but nothing will ever beat the original.

I miss writing poetry.
I used to write beautiful poetry. Truly. Beautiful.
I know this because half the women I ever dated fell in love with my poetry before they fell in love with me.
In fact most of those women stayed in committed relationships longer with my poetry than they did with me!

I miss house-parties and sleepovers.
You just cant do that when you're a parent or after the age of 25.
If you tried either of these after age 25, you're considered a pervert or a Michael Jackson fan for all the wrong reasons.

I miss truly romantic love songs.
They don't make them like they used to.
Honestly, they don't.
Atlantic Starr, and Roy Orbison, and Luther Vandross, and Louis Armstrong, and yes, even Backstreet Boys and Boys To Men!
Now we're stuck with Eminem and Britney and Miley Cyrus!
Lord what have we as a nation morphed into?

I miss a lot more than these, but this will have to do for now.
Before I miss my good nights sleep too!