Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Week That Was - August 29, 2010

The end of another exhausting week, and before I can truly enjoy my weekend it's already Sunday afternoon.
Again, not that I'm complaining much because even when I'm working I'm still having the time of my life.

Today really tested the fun aspect of my work though.
I had to meet a Nigerian client in central Joburg at 9am to discuss renovations to a building he is occupying as a tenant. He finally gets there at 9:30am, sporting the bluest of blue eyes I have ever seen on a north-african man. No, they were not contact lenses; I asked.
I expected to be on site on site for about an hour at most.
By 11:30 he still hadn't fully decided what he would like done.
I thought it would be easier for us to go through the building plans, in the hope that this would speed up the process. He wanted to install a lift on his floor. He happens to occupy the seventh floor of a ten-storey building. He chooses an empty corner on the floor and suggests we install the elevator there.
The fact that an elevator by nature goes up and down, and through other floors, didn't seem to register in his head. He just assumed that if he had a convenient spot on his floor to plonk an elevator, it didn't matter that it would go right through the floors below and above him!
When he finally got the elevator concept, he got this really sheepish expression come over him, and lost some of the blueness in his eyes.

Speaking to a friend of mine from Cape Town earlier today and she was telling me about the exhorbitant cost of hair relaxers for people with curly hair.
That got me thinking...
A hair-straightener aimed at the South African Christian market, called Croesi-Fix.
I patent it tomorrow.

I read an article in the Sunday paper that said the Chinese call clean shaven lady-pubes "White Tiger".
My gardener's always asking for a Half-Tiger.
I'm not sure if he means a semi clean-shaven chinese gal?

On Thursday of this week I received another of those annoying calls from the SABC, reminding me to pay my  TV Licence.
I informed the caller on the line that it was against me religion to watch TV, and thus I didn't own one.
She asked me what religion that was.
I told her "Mormon. There was a documentary about us on Discovery the other day. Didn't you watch it?"

This week coming is shaping up to be my busiest yet.
If I survive to Wednesday I will have surprised myself.