Sunday, June 13, 2010

Feel It, It Is Here!

This is the phrase our soccer bosses and powers that be thought would make an excellent tagline.
Anything and everything that was related to the FIFA Soccer World Cup 2010 had the phrase "Feel it, it is here!" attached to it.

In the first few weeks of hearing it, I thought my country was promoting a new adult movie shot completely in the dark.

*cue darkness*
No, more to the left.
Yeah baby yeah! A bit more to the left.... naaaaice!!
"Feel it, it is here!"
*crowd applauds*
>> exit stage left <<

Then the phrase started to grow on me.
(no pun intended).
Now i'm supremely glad they chose that phrase. I fully understand what i'm supposed to be feeling, and its an exhilarating sensation unsurpassed by anything else I could possibly attempt to do! My country is totally galvanized by this event, and quite frankly Africa has stood up to be counted in the way only Africa can.
We have shown the world and its international media just how passionate we are as a nation about our soccer, and sport in general. I spent Wednesday afternoon at Nelson Mandela Square in Sandton and watched in awe as fans from across the globe paraded noisily by. It was a showcase for every fan from every soccer nation being represented at this football spectacular.

Then came the Mexicans... with their sombreros and senoritas and song.
Ole' Ole' Ole' Ole' reverberated throughout the square. Even non-Mexicans sang along; the song sliding so easily off the tongue.
I watched spellbound as the Argentinians responded, and then the Australians, followed by a scattering of Americans.... and when these minnows were done, the crowd burst into a cacophony of vuvuzelas soon transformed into a deafening war-cry when Shosholoza was sung as the backing vocals.
That was the very moment when the world realised that you may come to our country, and you may enjoy our hospitality, and you may even steal our trophy, but you shall never own our "Gees" !!

May the spirit of Africa live on and prosper.

Ke Nako.