Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Pressure, The Pressure

Talk about time-management!
I've been working on this document for 5 hours now, and quite frankly that fireplace is starting to look like it needs more fuel.

I spent all week looking forward to this weekend, and i've spent it with my head buried eyeball-deep in paperwork :(
That cannot be good.
It's the same routine almost every week.
I look forward to my weekends, and when they finally come around I spend them doing the same things I do during the week... Its almost as though i'm in a never-ending loop of work and projects.

Rants over.
Tomorrow morning at 6 I leave for Sun City.
Breakfast overlooking the mountains at 8am.
Tee-off at 9:30am.
Aaah, I feel better already :)