Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Pleasure Of Pain

I'm watching one of my favourite shows on TV; Taboo on the National Geographic channel.

Tonights episode is about a Chinese Daoist group in Phuket who believe in self-mutilation and extreme pain in order to get closer to their God.
Devotee's pierce their bodies with all manner of sharp objects, even having swords driven through their belly's. They seem totally oblivious to the pain and the bleeding.

Now i'm no expert on religion, but I cant help but wonder why there's no religion on earth that says a ritual should consist of eating buckets of ice-cream and dollops of chocolate, while being served Kola Tonic & Lemonade by beautiful nude Swedish cheerleaders.
Is that too much to ask?
Thats my kind of religious ritual.
I'd put it somewhere between Easter and Christmas.

I don't get this whole Hell and eternal damnation thing.
Why cant I just be spanked by Mariah Carey while Celine Dion sings in the background?
In my book, that should be a suitable punishment for any sin one may have committed.

Maybe I should'nt discuss religion after 11pm.