Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The VIP Boys Club

It was 10am and I was contemplating another dreary day on the work front, much like the entire week has been already. My business goes through phases of immense excitement and supreme dullness, albeit the latter phase is few and far in-between.

My brother-in-law Ayub called me just after 10am to find out what I was up to. We chat often throughout the day partly because we're in the same field of business, but mostly because we're married to two sisters and this leaves us much to talk about.

Little did I know that my day was about to take a turn toward the surrealistically exciting!
It turns out Ayub had managed to get tickets to todays Soccer World Cup game, Algeria vs USA.
Now the teams may not be the most exciting to watch, but the prospect of watching the game in the VIP Box suite was something I was not going to think twice about, not in this lifetime nor any other!

We got to the stadium just after 2pm and immediately realised that this day was going to go down in the books as a totally memorable one.
Escorted to the VIP Suite by the concierge, we were treated to a fine buffet lunch and array of desserts that would have made Martha Stewart jealous.

My favourite moment came when the dedicated table waitress thought we were Algerian and proceeded to teach us some Xhosa!

Unfortunately the Secret Service and local security detail didn't allow pics to be taken of some of the dignitaries, who included Bill Clinton. I kid you not!

Ayub and I
                                                              The concierge and I.

On Sunday we travel to Soccer City to watch Argentina vs Mexico.
I could get used to this :)