Thursday, June 17, 2010

Waving Flag

I was on Page 2 of this note when I decided to delete the entire thing.
Nothing I was writing made much sense. My mind was in a blur.
It's akin to the feeling of having lost a pet or a loved one. I'm not eating right. I'm having restless sleeps. I feel moody and crabby all the time. If I were female i'd seriously contemplate a pregnancy test.

This the question I keep asking myself.
Why did Bafana lose?
Why did they play so hopelessly and terribly?
Why did Saurez have to betray the nation so?
Why did Forlan's mother have to do the horizontal samba with his father?

I guess i'll never know the answer to these questions.
In the meantime, I have K'Naans song to keep me company.
I'm not thrilled with Shakira's WakaWaka; i've said this before.
But whenever I here Waving Flag, I love it!

In other news, I realised I don't have as many pics uploaded on this blog as I did on all my previous blogs.
So in a feeble attempt at addressing this shortcoming, I present to you one of my favourite pics of Princess Sabreen.
She turns 4 in July!
I think I started my very first blog just before she was born! How time flies when you're having fun..