Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Its 11:30pm and I should be warmly tucked in bed with my latest issue of Golf Digest keeping me company . . . but all these recorded episodes of one of my favourite Discovery Channel shows, "Taboo", has me riveted.

Tonights episode is about ritual customs throughout the world which see young boys enter adulthood.

Theres a tribe in Papua New Guinea that uses razor blades to make over 1000 cuts on the backs of these young boys, and then has them kept isolated for 6 weeks for the cuts to heal and ultimately have their bodies resemble a crocodiles skin. Looks extremely painful to say the least.

Theres another tribe in a similar region that has their young boys swallow bamboo vine until the vine reaches the pits of their stomachs, and then they have the vine painfully pulled out. This custom just seemed gross.

I couldn't help but wonder what would happen if either of these guys had accompanied me in my youth through my customary right of passage into adulthood.
Me hanging with my homeboys, a pair of cannibals. Naaice.
I wonder how they would have handled their first experience at Teazers?
Coming from Papua New Guinea, its possible the three of us would be sitting there with me thinking "lapdance" and the two of them thinking "lunch".

One mans Happy Meal is another mans lunch, or something like that.