Thursday, May 20, 2010

Last Comic Standing

Its 12:15am and I should be out like lightbulb during an Eskom power outage.
I should be getting some sleep before my 7:15am tee-of later this morning.
But damn this PVR and all the episodes of my favourite show... Last Comic Standing.

Im not going to lie to you... most people watch the show for a few laughs. I watch the show to see who I think I could beat in a comedy showdown.

This season has some really special talent. Louis Ramey is slick. He's my pick as the winner.

Some day I will get up on that stage and do a live performance.
Oh yes I will.

You know its time to go to bed when Miley Cirus comes on the telly.
Even if youre not tired.
Even if its the middle of the afternoon.
I have Miley on my iPod just for those nights when insomnia visits.