Saturday, May 15, 2010

Conversations In B-Minor

This note was supposed to have been titled "The Journey Of A Slave", but at 45 minutes past midnight I coudnt find one.
A journey, I mean.
Not a slave.
You ever tried looking for a journey?
Not as easy as it sounds.

I once spent 2 weeks looking for an opportunity.
Someone on a bus told me it was all around.
Two weeks I spent looking for one.
All I found was a half eaten bag of chips and an old gym sock.
Ah well, thats what you get for listening to retired bus drivers now working the carousel at Gold Reef City.

I've made a shortlist of the things I hope to achieve before 2009 is over.
Almost like a sequel to my New Years Resolution list.
But since im writing it before New Year eve, I guess you could call it a prequel.
Which makes this, in effect, the prequel to a sequel.

Ps: You will soon realise that the level of sense in this note is directly proportional to the time. The later it gets, the less sense this note will make.

Moving on.
I want to be a Chicago Gangster.
Not the type you see on old episodes of Sewende Laan or Egoli.
I want to be a real kick-ass mean mofo!
I want to make promises to beautiful women while hiding a tommy-gun behind my back, assuring them that I will meet them for dinner at Fat Franks Diner at 5pm, knowing full well that at 4:45pm i'll still be giving Donny One-Ear a knuckle-sandwich.
I want to do million dollar deals over alfredo pasta, no ham, extra mushroom.
I want to be able to use more oil on my head than I do in my rusty old 87' Ford Cortina, and still look cool.
But if all this is impossible, at least i'd like to be able to kill mosquitos with the flick of my hand... or maybe pay a Zimbabwean 500 million Zim Dollahs to kill them for me.

I want to act in a black-and-white movie.
I dont care what the movies about.
It must just be black-and-white, and it must have me in it.
They could catch me on the evening news robbing a bank, as long as when they play the clip, they do so in black-and-white. That would do. I dont care about the substance o the subject matter.

I want to finish my book.
So badly.
Right now I have 7 Chapters.
3 if you remove all the pictures.
I just need to be inspired.

I want to be able to stay awake long enough to finish this note.
Not do another 1000 words.
Just long enough so that I can work toward an endizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz..................