Thursday, May 13, 2010

Music That Moves Me

It's almost midnight and I still havent tired of the playlist on my iPod.
I spent this past week channel-hoping through every radio station in town, and concluded that while each has bits and blobs of interest, those bits and blobs are scattered as scarcely as virgins in Sandton.

The iPod wins the choice awards.
They dont make good music like they used to in the old days.
Twenty years ago, this is exactly what my mom said when she endured Run DMC's "My Adidas" rocking the walls of my room.
I'd hazhard a guess and say that twenty years prior to that, my grandparents were probably lamenting the death of good music when mom played her Engelbert Humperdink and Ike & Tina LP's.

I remember going to my Matric Ball years back, dancing to Eddie Vedder's "Mercy Mercy Me", and telling my mom when I went back home just how awesome this song was! Of course when she laughed and said it was an old song that she had heard before, I figured dad was right about her having lost her mind years before. Imagine my surprise when a dusty old vinyl placed on a hardly-used record player crackled alive with the sounds of Marvin Gaye, singing "Mercy Mercy Me" like it were the only song in the world that mattered right then and there!

My school years were spent clubbing to music my mind refused to register as enjoyable.
It was only in my years at college that I decided that dancing to a different beat need'nt be a secret lived out behind bedroom doors.
Of course my choice of musical geniuses only ever made sense to me, just like they only really sang to me when I listened to them.

In the hope that Princess Sabreen grows up knowing the difference between Guns & Roses doing "Knocking On Heavens Door", and Bob Dylan's version, or thinking Rihanna's "Umbrella" is amazing without having heard the Manic Street Preachers do the original, i've begun compiling music from my generation i'd like her to listen to some day.

My selection of personal greats will need constant updating, so for those of you who appreciate my list and choice, i'd love nothing more than for you to add either songs or artists, or both, to what I hope will be a kaleidoscope of memorable tunes.

Im starting with :
Aretha Franklin (Legends seldom need single songs to make them great)
Randy Crawford (my all time favourite female artist)
Rod Steward ( my all time favourite male artist)
Babyface (too many classics to remember)
Air Supply (All Out Of Love still a classic)
Angie Stone ("Wish I Didnt Miss You" is just awesome!)
Barbra Streisand (Too many to mention, but Woman In Love still gives me goosebumps)
Chris De Burgh (Lonely Sky belted out as you drive alone at night on the highway is almost religious)
Creedance Clearwater Revival (I Heard It Through The Grapevine... wow.. thats all... wow!)
Diana Ross (Pick one.. any one.. and its a classic)
Dionne Warwick (Heartbreaker.. I'll Never Love This Way Again..Walk Away... the list is endless)
Eagles (Hotel California.. no list is complete without this one)
Franki Valli (Cant Take My Eyes Off You... I dare you not to sing along!)
George Benson (Kisses In The Moonlight... first song I ever danced to with a girl :) )
James Ingram (Come To Me... toe tapping stuff)
Kool & The Gang (Get Down On It reminds me of sneaking the car out the driveway on Saturday nights)
Sade (By Your Side was the first song dedicated to me .. aah sweet memories )
Stevie Wonder (I Just Called To Say I Love You , & Part Time Lover.. On almost every 80's Love Album)
Sting (Fields Of Gold never moved out of my Top 5 songs, ever!)

So there you have it.
A snapshot of the album i'd like to compile and dedicate to Princess Sabreen and all little girls, before they get brainwashed by Britney and , Lord forbid, Whinehouse.