Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Village Bicycle

One of my clients owns a rather successful chain of bicycle stores,and I happened to be there earlier today. While my team were installing a new suspended ceiling in the store, I had the opportunity to browse around & annoy the salespeople by fiddling with the bikes. One of the guys happened to be testing & tweaking a bike that had just come in, and noticing my curiosity asked if I'd like to take it for a spin. Ten minutes later and panting like Bill Clinton running from a DNA test, I finally hit the brakes and hopped off.
'How was it?'he asked.
'Reminds me of my 1st BMX' I replied.
'Oh! Your first BMX cost R90 000, did it?' he growled back.
These cycling types can get rather touchy about their sport, it seems. I tried humouring the situation by asking if it came in an executive model, still shocked that somebody would drop just shy of R100 000 on a bike.
'For R15 000 extra, I could install premium shocks'. He didn't even blink.
'How much for a bread basket in the front?' This time, I didn't even blink!
Seriously though, do folks realy spend that much on a weekend hobby toy, or am I being obtuse?

Tonight I plan on attempting sleep at 10pm. For most people this wouldn't seem like a challenge at all. For someone like myself, who usualy turns in at around 2am, 4 hours early is like camping outside the dentists rooms from the night before a root canal.
The last time I went to bed this early, I tried counting sheep. By 1am I'd reached 1.3 trillion and started running out of sheep!

I had a chat with a friend of mine the other day, and we were discussing life-altering moments. She said her life-altering moment happened at the age of 3. Wow! I can't remember a highlight prior to turning 18! Okay, maybe a couple, but nothing I could write about for fear of kids reading this note.

I attended a wedding in Durban this weekend, and boy do Indians know how to lay out a spread! I didn't know where the starters ended and the main course began! There was so much good food at the function, Weigh-Less sponsored a table near the desserts!
You know you're at an Indian wedding when absolutely nobody remembers what the bride or groom wore, but everybody can tell you what was on the menu!

Anyways, my soccers about to start, and I need to teach Princess Sabreen the rest of the words to Glory Glory Man United!