Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Loo

This is less of a note and more of the relaying of an incident which took place earlier today. I felt compelled to write about it, simply because it left me wondering if incidents such as these happen to others as well, or is it simply Krazy Karma following me.

Without further ado…

For those that didn’t know, I own and run a construction and maintenance company. I had a meeting scheduled for 11am this morning with a rather important client, at who’s office’s I had recently done some renovations, including their bathrooms and toilets.Seeing that I was already in the area, I decided simply to swing by at around 10am, do some final inspections and maybe get some paperwork done whilst I waited for the meeting to begin.

So there I am, in a cubicle in the Mensroom, inspecting my team’s workmanship, when suddenly I hear the door to the entrance of said room open. The guy is clearly on the phone, irate and annoyed and having what seemed to be a rather personal discussion with whom ever it was on the other end of the line. I was tempted to make some noise, any noise, just to inform him that he wasn’t alone in the mensroom, when suddenly he starts cussing about how he can’t believe his wife could be such a “trollop” (his word, not mine.) Of course I politely decide to remain silent, solitary in my cubicle, having nothing else to do than listen in on his conversation. Heck, it was either that or count the number of white tiles on the wall and floor!

So I get to hear about how she’s messing around with a friend he suspects; how they met and how she’s changed; how she’s milking him for all he’s worth (which is plenty by anyone’s standards!); how she’s a common tart and finally, how he’s devised a scheme to catch her red-handed and use the evidence to save his behind in the divorce courts.

Would you believe, just as the story starts getting really interesting and juicy, MY DAMNED CELLPHONE RINGS!!! AARRGGHH!!!

So there we are, two strangers in the loo, both silent as church mice, not sure who should make the first move and exit their respective cubicles to expose themselves (not in THAT way!) So I grab the bull by the horns, bang the door a few times as if testing it’s fitting, and come out of my cubicle like it was the most normal past 10 minutes in my otherwise boring day. I hear him flush the loo, still silent and no longer ranting to his friend, who must have wondered what in heavens name was going on. I hear the door handle to his cubicle being turned; I see the door slowly swing open; a small cough to clear his throat; and out comes the guy I’m supposed to be meeting at 11!!

I wish all my meetings could go the way this one did!
Everything I proposed and quoted for got accepted without a flinch. I’m not sure if he just wanted to get to the end of it and have me leave as soon as possible, or if he felt obliged to accept everything I said simply because he was just too embarrassed to object.

Either way, I’m sending his “Trollop” wife a bunch of flowers and some candy too, since I already included it in his quote