Monday, May 10, 2010

My Bucket List

Ok, so the movie The Bucket List inspired this piece.

I've decided to publish my own personal Bucket List, in no particular order.

For those that dont know, a Bucket List a list of the things you would like to do, accomplish or achieve before you "kick the bucket", so to speak. It's meant to be as whimsical or achievable as you'd like it to be.
It's your own personal Bucket List, so flights of fancy are allowed.

Now without further ado, here's my ten goals!

1) Complete writing my book (or block, as some prefer calling it).
2) Design and print T-shirts for fun.
3) Start a Charity. Feeding the Hungry by having a big fat Woolies breakfast every Sunday morning doesnt count!
4) Visit Lebanon, home of Kahlil Gibran (dont you dare ask who that is?!!)
5) Just for kicks, do stand-up comedy (of course this means i'd have to steal some material from talented friends I know, which means i'll no longer have to hang around you bunch of hillbilllys :) ) But the twist is, i'd like to be doing it at a hospital, for kids.
6) Radio. No, not own one. I've always wanted to be on Radio. Yeah yeah, I love the sound of my own voice. Im my own favourite Pop Idol. Moving on.
7) Make a total stranger cry with joy. Not sure what i'd do to make them so happy they'd be reduced to tears (maybe roll over and play dead) but yeah, just to see them so happy they shed a tear.
8) See 8 zero's in my bank account. That means "Be a millionaire, even if only for a day"
9) Take over the world.
10) Let the last cheque I write, be a really big fat one to the taxman, and have it bounce!

So, as you can see, nothing big and fancy on my list.
Start off small, at a slow trot, then work my way up to a full gallop.

Now, heres what you need to do.
Write down your Bucket List, forward it to your friends, and lets see what we can achieve and how quickly we can start ticking items off our list before the proverbial bucket arrives.