Monday, May 10, 2010

Helping Jeremiah Get Ahead

Please read, if you have a heart.
This is so touching, really!

Hi. My name is Jeremiah Mickelson, but my friends call me "No Ears".
Last year I was diagnosed with Disappe Arnce Syndrome. Its a medical condition similar to cancer, but more vigourous and life-threatening.
Instead of just attacking your bodies cells, Disappe Arnce Syndrome eats away at your body tissue starting from your hair folicles and working its devious way downward.

As you can see, i've already lost my head up to my neck through this terrible disease.
There is hope though.

The wonderful people at AOL and Microsoft have teamed up with a surgeon in Somalia who is doing remarkable work re-attaching unused heads onto people like myself.

For every person you mail this to, AOL & Microsoft will donate 15c toward the "Let Jeremiah Get A Head Foundation".

I beg you, I plead with you, to find it in your heart to help me in my time of distress and need.

AOL & Microsoft have been donating so many 15c toward other clicking causes, and I am eternally grateful that they have chosen my need for a head as their next humanitarian cause.

Send this to 10 people in 5 minutes, and im guranteed an ear to start with.
Remember, if you dont send this, what goes around comes around.

Jeremiah Mickleson
Head of Department
Sights & Sounds Of America Bicycle Tour Group