Monday, May 10, 2010

Take Me To Your Leader

Ok, so the wonderful councillors in my area collectively couldn’t decide on a day of the week to cut the water. (Remember, this is the same council of wise men who decided it would be a great idea to approve a whale-hunting permit for my suburb, to a Japanese fishing company. Did I mention I live in Sandton? Closest Ocean : 600 kms!!!) Anyways, seems they decided to go back to the former way of voting, as there are fifteen councillors and none of them could count past 10. What’s the former way of voting, you ask? Simply, pulling out votes from a hat. It seems the councillors are avid Survivor fans too. So anyways, they finally pulled "Saturday", which meant, you guessed it; No water on the one day of the week when everybody including the dog plans to sleep in and then have a long glorious shower before going grocery shopping!

Scratch that last bit as regards the dog. He doesn’t go grocery shopping.

I called the Ministry of Water Affairs, in a huff and a puff, to find out how much longer I would have to endure this intolerable treatment. The Head of Department who happened to answer the phone had this to say : “Eehhh… well exactly ser… it is my exactly right to inform you thaaaat… eehhh… the department has issued a notification….. letter….. note…. to inform all members of … I mean suburbs ser.. to inform all members of suburbs…. Eehh.. citizens… that ehhh…. Sorrryyy ser, what was thee question again?”

I rest my case.

Welcome to Africa. I hope you brought banana’s.