Sunday, May 16, 2010


One of my favourite restaurants beckoned this evening. There was a time back in college when we'd spend lazy Friday afternoons having lunches that lasted until just before the last bus left homeward bound; a time when 8 hungry students could do justice to the salad bar,a justice so heaped on a single plate an Ethiopian could open a supermarket just from its contents. Those were the days when carefree wasn't simply a word,it was a way of life; a religion to some!

Tonite however,the appeal of Spur was quite simply the spare ribs. Now I'm never one to dwell too long on either the subject or the consumption of food. I follow the same train of thought as I do were I filling fuel in my car; stop, fill, and hit the road asap!
Not an option when you're presented with spare rib so juicy and succulent, if you were a bull you'd want to put a dress on it and shag it! Its become a ritual of mine to enjoy the spare rib of awesomeness at least once a month. I make an evening out of the adventure, putting in some serious effort to make sure the production is worth a standing ovation at least. I have on occassion even showered and splashed on some Old Spice in anticipation of my date with the dinner of destiny.
I must admit that the restaurant raised the bar tonite; that platter of soft and tender meat had me moaning like Hugh Hefner on his birthday! I'd say it was delicious, but in honesty it would be a disservice to the cow. I am in awe of that cow. It was born to end up on my plate, and that's some honour right there! I don't just dive right in like the fat kid at the dessert buffet. I wine,dine and romance my spare rib. I have the staff put on some Babyface, dim the lights, get the juices and marinade flowing, lick my lips as I tenderly raise the bone to my waiting mouth, savour the delicious aroma of grilled perfection, and then, ever so slowly, envelope the object of my desire with tiny nibbles like Liberace playing Lady In Red with his fingertips on your back!

Anyways, so I went to Spur and had spare rib and it was lekker and now I'm vrot uitgevreet!