Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Week That Was

This feels so foreign and strange. There was a time when I would write a note almost once a week!
So im dusting off the cobwebs and hoping that I still have some of that writing touch in me.

This past week was all the inspiration I needed to put pen to paper, or finger to keyboard.
Somebody once told me that its funny how weird things always seem to happen in my presence. This is true. So hopefully i'll get to share these weekly events with you.

On Tuesday I was called out to one of the buildings I maintain.
The tenants had a problem with the only elevator in the place and we immediately cordoned the area off.
We had the elevator opened on the Ground Floor and my team got to work.
About an hour later, this guy comes up to me and says "Oh I see you guys are working on the lift." Nothing gets by Captain Obvious, evidently!
He asked me how long my guys would be working on the elevator, and I said it should be operational after lunch. His next line had me laughing so hard, he never bothered sticking around for a reply...
He asked "Ok so can I use the lift on the 2nd floor in the meanwhile?"

Thursday and im at the timber yard looking for material for a loft im building.
The owner of the yard, a big grizzly bear looking guy named Rocky, comes over and proceeds to help me choose some wood.
One of his guys accidently spills his cola on a plank of timber laying nearby.
Rocky goes ballistic and screams at the guy, "What the hells the matter with you? Timber doesnt grow on trees you know!"
Some of this stuff you cant even make up if you tried!

A friend of mine who happens to be a building contractor called me in a panic on Friday. His client is out of town for 2 weeks, and needed him to renovate the spare bathroom.
He took his team over to the job site and showed them the main bathroom; then told them he needed the spare bathroom to be stripped and remodelled to look exactly as the main bathroom does.

They began stripping the bathroom on Wednesday. By Friday they were done and ready to begin the remodelling process.
He went over to have a look and thats when all hell broke loose.
It seems the guys had stripped the wrong bathroom!
He called me in a panic.
Client arrives in a week and the poor guy doesnt have a clue how he's going to get not one, but two bathrooms done in that time.

I have a sneaky suspicioun next week may be even more eventful!
Watch this space..