Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Idols Finale

 OK ladies and gentleman, here's your Season 6 winner, Elvis Blue.
Yes the announcement left thousands in shock and despair, but the fact of the matter is that it's a television program and it's all about the viewership.

I always suspected the show was rigged.
As soon as Elvis declared that he would be splitting the prize-money with Lloyd, as admirable and noble a gesture as it was, I changed the channel.
I'm sure he's a great guy and so is Lloyd, but if ever there was going to be a talking point about a talent contest, that has to be it.
I won't be at all surprised if MNet announces in the next few days that they have, in light of Elvis's generous decision, decided to give them both the same amount as prize-money. Watch this space.

I've said this on my Twitter (@kaloo5 ) and I'll say it again : Lloyd may be married to an Indian, but he definitely doesn't have any Indian in him!
If he did, there's no way he'd be sharing that prize-money with anybody,let alone make a deal like that with Elvis!
If an Indian dude won Idols,he's family would have half the prize-money invested in an education policy and the other half put toward his wedding before he even got off the stage!

I remember watching a season of Idols years ago where Gareth and Randall asked one of the contestants in the Auditions phase what he would do if he won Idols.
He sang really well and I honestly thought he stood a chance.
Then he blew it with his answer to the question : Something about giving a whole chunk to charity, and investing some, and then giving another whole chunk to charity.
The words hardly left his lips when the judges told him to leave.
That's honesty right there. The judges knew he was bullshitting and called him out on it.

Seriously now, as noble as it sounds, how many winners do you know give whole chunks of money to charity? You'd have a better chance of finding them drunk and high with hookers in a Formula1 Hotel a year down the line.

I'm not saying we shouldn't promise some of our winnings to charity, I'm just saying that people need to be sincere about it.
Nothing annoys me more than people who go on about charity and how much they would like to do, when at the present moment they're doing nothing at all!

Well done to Elvis and well done to Lloyd.
I have a feeling these two friends are going to do much better than our previous winners and runners-up respectively. Maybe even do a collaboration.

Ok, that's my rant for the evening.

Time to watch my team whip Bursaspor in the UEFA Champions League.
Glory Glory Man United!
No charity there! :)