Monday, November 15, 2010

The Tweetup

I'm back to blogging from my Blackberry. I arrived in Durban yesterday, and leave for the cruise later today, or I've already left (since it's just past midnight now and most of you will be reading this during your morning coffee).

It's been an awesome weekend of preparation for this long-awaited holiday, interspersed with meeting people from Twitter & Facebook. You would think that with over 500 followers/ friends on each of these social networks, I would have met hundreds already. The truth is, prior to this weekend I had only met two people before.

@yusuf_garrick and @zaakiramoolla were the first two tweeple I met in person. Next came @concerningmj who I met yesterday, and unsurprisingly he was as awesome in person as he is on his blog and Facebook. Always such a huge disappointment when people have a perception of the person and when they finally meet face-to-face there's a huge disappointment. Like reading about Lobster Thermidore and Googling it and checking out net images of it, and then finally going to a restaurant & ordering it and they serve you stinky hake with a side-order of stink!

Today I met @bashhar and @noohar, and they were equally good company. Admittedly I was secretly hoping that @noohar was a hot and sleazy asian girl, but he turned out to be a rather decent character.

I'm never shy or nervous when I meet people for the first time, except maybe that one time when the cops busted in and I was holding the camera while these two naked chinese midgets were getting nasty with the massage oil in that motel room, but that's a whole other story. So after this weekends tweetups, I decided that I should set a target of meeting possibly 5 new Twitter friends each month.

This could possibly be my last blog post until I get back next week, unless MTN is really nice to me and provides me with signal all week while I'm out at sea (Here's hoping).

Until then, have an awesome week folks and I promise to have tons to write about when I get back.

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