Thursday, November 18, 2010

Island Cruise Day 3, Part 1

Aah the beautiful island of Bazarutto.

We arrived early this morning and it was an awesome sight to see half a dozen rubber dinghy's lined up ready to take us to shore.
I plan on doing some snorkelling this morning, hopefully for free if I meet Indian Aunty later (refer to previous post).

I packed a few items to take with to the Island, one of them being this fantastic book which I'm currently reading, Arundhati Roy's 'The Ordinary Persons Guide To Empire.'
Brilliant. I highly recommend it.
Possibly a tad serious in content for an island holiday, but I'd rather be reading this than any of the missus's soppy romance novels.

As the comment by the 'Observer' says on the cover, "She compels you to have an opinion."

Island holiday aside, most of the books in my personal library fall into one of 3 categories: 1)Business & Autobiographies 2)Politics 3)Humour & Religion. Yes, Humour and Religion go together in my library.
So whilst reading Arundhati's book, it got me thinking about everything I had ever read regarding America and its failed wars and failing economy and failed leaders.
Some day I intend writing an opinion-piece about why I think Obama was elected President of the most powerful nation on earth.
The post will give you clearer insight into my opinion, but in summary I think that the old guard from both the Republicans and the Democrats got together and decided that they needed to pin the aftermath of certain calamity from George Bush's colossal failures onto a scapegoat; someone who wouldn't last long but would serve the purpose of appeasing the minorities. Who better than the black guy?
Bush's screw-ups will be felt for another decade if not longer,so they threw Obama into the meltingpot to clean up the mess, knowing he didn't stand a chance in hell.
After his inevitable failure, which it will certainly be portrayed as (all the good intentions of his administration aside) he will get voted out and the old guard will simply tell the American public "Well, we gave your minority candidate a chance, he cocked it up, so never again shall we pander to your demands for another person of colour to be Commander In Chief."

That's my theory and I'm sticking by it.
The complete post will be done soonishly, I promise.

Okay, back to my island holiday.

I think the couple in the suite next to ours were having wild raucious monkey-sex last night.
I heard the lady screaming "Oh God Yes!" for a whole 5 minutes. Either that or she's very religious.
I did what any reasonable guy in my situation would do... I put my ear against the headboard to listen better. I just needed to clarify what denomination she was from. You know, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, Orthodox. These things are important.
The missus wasn't in the room at the time, so I had 5 minutes of uninterrupted listening.
This morning as I left for breakfast, I bumped into said lady in the corridor. She didn't look very religious to me.
Maybe she's a Mormoan. She did moan a lot last night.

Alrighty then, time for me to take the dinghy to the island.
I'll post again later if I'm not too knackered.

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