Thursday, July 1, 2010

"Feel It, It Is Here!"

That's the Soccer World Cup tagline.
Our man Maradona, coach of the Argentine national team and among the favourites to win the coveted award, seems to be feeling it.

I've been to a few games already, and i've been so proud of the manner in which we as a country have embraced every other sporting nation visiting our shores.
At the England vs Germany game in Bloemfontein, I sat next to an English fan from Bolton and we got to discussing soccer. He seemed fascinated by how much I knew about the game, and thrilled that I was a Manchester United fan. He assumed that South Africans, being of the African continent, know very little about anything that happens in the rest of the world.
I pointed out the irony to him.... that the Americans know even less about what happens outside their own state, let alone outside their country.

An hour into the game and we were chatting like old school friends.
He asked me who I was rooting for and I said it really didn't matter who won, I was just glad to be there for the experience. I think that pretty much sums up the feeling of all South Africans attending these games. We know that this may be the last time our generation will see the World Cup take place on African soil.

I'd like to think that i'll be attending the next soccer World Cup in Brazil, but the fact that i've been a part of the spirit of the games pleases me greatly.
Yes, I was there.