Thursday, July 1, 2010

Our Favourite Songs

I finally figured out how to upload videos to the blog, and decided to share with you some of the songs which Shakera and I dedicated to each other over the past 10 years of marriage.

The first is a song by an artist I grew up with, having heard him played almost every weekend by my mom as she sang along to his greatest tracks.
I recall a holiday trip with my mom and Gran;  I had just got my first Louis Armstrong cassette (yes, way before CD's were introduced), and the memory of us driving along a mountainous stretch of road en-route to a holiday camp while we all sang along to "The Saints Go Marching On" will live with me forever.

Sade is another artist who defined my upbringing.
Most of the music I listened to and fell in love with growing up was old school blues and jazz.
This song encapsulates everything I had alway wanted a marriage and partnership to be about.
Sit back and enjoy :)

This next video is one I dedicated to Shakera after our 7th wedding anniversary.
She'd made me an awesome CD collection of all my favourite songs for our 5th, and since i'm terrible with technology, the best I could do was dedications. Hopefully some day before CD's become outdated, I will get the opportunity to make a CD for her with all her favourite songs.
Are CD's outdated yet?

This next song never fails to get my feet tapping.
It's my kind of foot-tapping music.
So I played it many years ago and Shakera loved it.. and now I sing it to Sabreen coz she finds it fun to run and hide when I get home and want kisses from her :)

Ok the last song i'm uploading is one that Shakera dedicated to me.
Some day when she starts her own blog, maybe she'll explain it's significance :)

There you have it.
A little video guide into the Kaloo adventure, which gets more exciting and awesome with every passing day.
I hope you enjoyed it, and look forward to uploading some of my own videos soon!