Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Week That Was - July 16

It's been another interesting week, as most of my weeks seem to be lately.

Monday started with me driving to Benoni to a project i've picked as my signature work.
It's a bathroom i'm renovating for my client whom i've mentioned in a previous post, and if I may say so myself it has turned out superb! I shall be uploading pics soon.
My plumber told me a rather interesting story about a previous jacuzzi installation he had worked on.
The client was not keen on hiring a contractor to undertake the project, assuming he could manage and complete the project himself if he just hired individual labourers as he required them.
Solly my plumber was asked not to bring his entire team along, as the clients gardener would help with the installation. This in an effort to save costs, of course.

So there they were, Solly the plumber and Winston the gardener, attempting to install a jacuzzi for Scrooge the client.
Now for those of you who have had the pleasure of coming face-to-tub with a jacuzzi, there are two things which you will already be familiar with. The first is that there are at least six jet pipes underneath a jacuzzi which pump air into the jacuzzi itself; the second is that a good installation usually involves a very well-built brick housing where the tub is mounted into.
About 3 hours after the housing had been built and the jets had been connected, the jacuzzi was ready to be tested.
Thats when Winston's mobile phone rang.
From somewhere underneath the newly installed jacuzzi!

It turns out Winston was using the light from his mobile phone to help him connect a jet, and while tightening the valve he forgot to remove his phone from below the tub.
By the time he realised his mistake, the supporting wall around the jacuzzi had already been built and plastered. The client decided it was cheaper to just buy his gardener a new mobile.
I guess thats what you get for being a Scrooge.

On Wednesday I decided to go car-shopping for the missus
I kept getting drawn to these moms-taxi kind of vehicles, or mini SUV's. The truth is, if I ever surprised her with one of these SUV's, she would most probably surprise me with no hot meals for a month!
She hates them and everything they stand for.
I just figure there will be another vehicle in the household that could comfortably carry my golf clubs at a moments notice.

I felt for a spicy curry this evening, which is odd as I hardly ever enjoy spicy food.
Sometimes you just have to feed the craving.
So we went to my favourite Indian restaurant called Daawat in Fordsburg (where else really?!)
I ordered a chicken korma and mentioned to the waitress that I always have my meals extremely mild, but tonight I was feeling for something spicy.
She suggested "Hot" and I said I just wanted to pacify the spicy craving, not forge another opening in my bum-region.
I asked her about the "Medium" curry.
She said "No no no, the medium is not spicy. You cant even hear it."
Cant hear it?
How spicy do they make their curry's that you can hear them?!!

So I settled on the medium, and by tomorrow while i'm on the golf course, somewhere between the 3rd and the 5th hole, I shall report back and tell you if I could hear the curry!
Right now I can hear my ears ringing. Softly, but they definitely are ringing.

Watch this space...