Sunday, July 18, 2010

Idols Season 6

Seriously, why?

Why do some folk put themselves up for embarrassment on national television?
I just know this season is going to take suckiness to a whole new level. I mean honestly, when one of the opening acts farts in her audition, you just know things are only going to get worse (or better if, like me, you rejoice in the cringe-factor!)

The runners-up every year always seem to do so much better in their singing careers than the winners do.
The first few seasons set a standard of one winner at the end of the entire show. Last year they raised the bar and we were the only country to feature two winners.No other country since then has come close to equalling this amazing feat.
This year, in an effort to cement this accolade, we may be blessed with three winners, or maybe none at all.

As I write this i'm watching the "Worst Auditions" segment of the show.
This must be my favourite part of Idols.

Between Idols and all the comedy on DSTV, it seems i'm going to be in for an awesome month of entertainment!

Watch this space...