Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Final Hurdle

We're fast approaching the Soccer World Cup Final, and it's almost as though the dream is about to come to an end.
It's been an amazing two months, and i've met so many wonderful people; some of them were even foreigners!
Brazil hosts the World Cup in 2014, and we've decided to make the trip and live the adventure. It will be infinitely more fun to visit a foreign country during a major sporting event. It's like going on two holidays at the same time.

I remember a few years back when I had a friend from Malaysia visit me. She stayed for about 3 weeks and I tried to take her sightseeing on day trips. I left her in charge of choosing the place, and I would plan the activities for the day in the place she'd chosen.
The day she left to go back to Malaysia, I literally felt exhausted, but satisfied nonetheless.
It was as though I had been on holiday myself.
I ended up seeing parts of the country I never would have visited had she not come down to SA.

I wonder how much of Africa the visiting teams for the Soccer World Cup actually did see.
It would be sad to think that they spent most of their time between the shopping malls and the flea-markets, where they invariably would have ended up buying wooden carvings and tribal masks. I once had a stall in a flea-market so I know what tourists, especially Europeans, love buying to take back home.
Ironically, most of these items are made in Zimbabwe and they really took nothing from South Africa back home with them.

I should be sending out Invoices and Quotes right now, but writing on my blog is more fun.
I love the job I do, but honestly I could easily do nothing else but write all day.
If only I could find a way of getting paid ...